Compressed Coir Blocks, Bricks & Bales

Compressed Coco Peat Substrate Media – 100% organic, free from chemical additives and soil disease.

Fibre Bale

Bale fibre is produced from 100% coconut products. It is manufactured using state of the art technology and methods. Bale fibers are packed in bundles for export purposes and bulk purchases only. Bale fibre used for bedding, upholstery, filling material, erosion control and drainage filtering and much more. Exported in bales and each 40 foot container will have about 20 MT.


Coconut coir is an ecologically friendly by product of the coconut industry. Coconut coir is a natural fiber extracted from the husk of the coconut and is strong and durable which is used in different products such as floor mats, door mats, brushes and mattresses. Bale Coir Fiber is an excellent potting medium for starting seeds and potting plants. The most important factors in high quality coco coir like how it is harvested, prepared, and processed. Coir (coconut fiber) is the fiber processed from coconut husks that have been cured in fresh water.  Then, they’re removed from the water bath and dried for over a year. After the drying process, which is quite extensive, the coir is organized into bales. Thus, the bale fiber is produced through traditional milling by separating the long bristle fiber from the coconut husk after retting in husk pits. Combined longer and shorter fibers help to create a soil alternative that has exceptional water holding capacity.

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