About Us

G-Coco Substrate Exporters (Pvt) Ltd is a well established company with high quality operations management.

Highly qualified management staff and they are working in teams to build the satisfaction of their customers.

International quality applies. Subject qualified staff works on timely delivery as well as genuine products.

Manufacturing plants are available in Sri Lanka.

Our Vision

To introduce exciting new products to the local and international market while meeting the highest standards in quality expected by our business associates in the delivery of both products and services backed up by a dedicated professional team.

Our Mission

• To commit ourselves to provide our valuable local and international customers an array of products of the highest quality that meet international standards • To introduce our local and international customers to new products that will add lasting and exciting value to, and can be made a part of, their lifestyle. • Provide the highest standard in service delivery to customers. • Strive to ensure our staff is dedicated, motivated and professional. • Along with our staff and all our business partners, to work as a “Family” to uphold the integrity and common growth of all concerned.


Gcoco provides consistent quality coir substrates with certification for use in organic cultivation.


The Gcoco has years of experience and large coconut coir manufacturing facilities throughout Sri Lanka


Your environmental impact is minimized with this renewable resource, and substrate waste disposal problems are eliminated.

24/7 Service

Expert technical consultation to understand what you want to achieve

Buy Exactly what you need

Customization of the product solution to match crop type, climate, site infrastructure and growing conditions.

Fast Delivery

Deliver premium quality coir-based substrates directly from our factories in India and Sri Lanka

Technical Support

On-going technical support and guidance to achieve successful farming outcomes.

Hydroponic Grow Bags – Coir Substrate

A range of grow bags for hydroponic fruit and vegetable farming with custom blends of coir substrate (coco peat).

Coir grow bags formulated for specific crops and climates


Hydroponic grow bags are available in a variety of air/water combinations that allow each grower to control the water content on a daily or seasonal basis.


We pre-cut drainage and planting holes, and pre-drill dripper holes according to your requirements. We also offer customized GrowBag sizes.

Gcoco Hydroponic GrowBags are proven and reliable with over 4 million grow bags in production at any one time. They are trusted by growers from New Zealand to Mexico and all over the world.

Gcoco Hydroponic GrowBags are sleeved in co-extruded polythene bags, with customized UV treatment for specific crop and production cycle requirements.

Technical consultation

Expert technical consultation to understand what you want to achieve.


Customization of the product solution to match crop type, climate, site infrastructure and growing conditions.


Deliver premium quality coir-based substrates directly from our factories in Sri Lanka.

Technical support

On-going technical support and guidance to achieve successful farming outcomes.

Markets We Serve

Our experienced Australian team serve clients globally, providing technical consultations, expertise, and farm support services.

We have a network of agents across the world who facilitate the smooth delivery of our products to any country.

Coco coir open top planter bags

The Easyfil Growing System features our patented Easyfil open-top planter bag which saves money by reducing labor costs – serving as both the growing media and growing container in one product.

On applicable crops, it can provide for multiple crop cycles by eliminating the need to replace growing media after every crop (as you would need to with wood-shavings substrates).

Achieves better hygiene: Thanks to a self-contained system, Easyfil open-top planter bags reduce the risk of media contamination. Galuku’s Latex Weed Mats and Drainage Pads complete the system and provide the optimum platform for achieving the best results from Easyfil PlanterBags.

Improves crop yields: Commercially proven to increase the quantity and quality of many crops including blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers.

Saves water: Allows for accurate control of moisture content during critical crop phases.

Hydroponic Compressed Coir Substrates

Our compressed coir is available in a variety of shapes and sizes including blocks, bricks, bales, planks and seedling blocks.

The Air Filled Porosity (AFP) and Water Holding Capacity (WHC) in Gcoco substrates are engineered for all types of crop varieties in different climatic and geographic locations. The correct combination of AFP and WHC is important for successful plant growth. Gcoco blends are formulated to stabilize the substrate for periods spanning 2 – 5yrs.

Gcoco compressed coir is suitable for container growing in Pots, Plastic Bags, Styrene Boxes, Bato Boxes and Mapal Trough Systems.

Whether you grow in high-tech glasshouses or low-tech polytunnels, we can supply you with the best Hydroponic Coir Substrates.

Coir Weed Mats for Hydroponic Farming

Gcoco Coconut Weed Mats harness the strength and absorbency of coconut fibre to create an eco-friendly solution to weed management for berry, shrub, vine and tree crops. They reduce or eliminate the need for hand weeding, help prevent wind-borne weeds from establishing and protect growing media from erosion.

Gcoco Coir Weed Mats are helping blueberry growers worldwide reduce the cost of hand weeding and keep their plants in excellent condition.

Made from organic coconut fibre and natural latex, these OMRI-listed mats are suitable for most vine, shrub and tree crops. They also mitigate soil temperature fluctuations for surface roots – keeping them cooler in summer and warmer in winter.

Importantly, Gcoco Coconut Fibre Weed Mats reduce evaporation:

• extending the time between watering
• minimizing fertilizer loss
• and preventing the buildup of surface salts.

Superior soilless cultivation in coir substrate

Coir substrate (coco fiber) is a proven superior growing medium compared to other alternatives. Quality coir substrate provides long term water-holding capacity, and air-filled porosity ensuring optimal growth through all stages of the crop. Make the switch to coir and improve your crop health and productivity for 5 years and beyond.